Insert Ghost To Start (Single + Ebook)

by Phantoms vs Fire

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Includes a 14-page short story.


New plants, new animals, new people, hybrids; all created by your mind. I repeat, by your mind, not in your mind. That's how I do it.

"That is how I made my first plant. I saw it in my mind: the roots, the stem, each branch, each leaf, each eye, and its tiny little mouth inside a flower made of flesh and muscles at the top. A few days later it was there, growing under a mango tree in my forest."

"Things really took off when InGhoSt managed to implant their artificial pineal glands into recently deceased people's bodies (only the ones whose brains were still healthy and intact) in exchange for monthly payments to their families. Evelyn's company had a lot of success selling its subscription-based reanimation services to millionaires and billionaires who planned on living forever."

You can't escape from your own vision. It's impossible to break loose from it because that's yourself.


released October 8, 2019

Insert Ghost To Start (Single + Ebook):

Song written, performed, produced and mastered by Thiago Desant.
Ebook written by T.R. Desant.
Artwork by Thiago Desant
Title: Insert Ghost To Start
Author: T.R. Desant
Format: PDF
Length: 14 pages
Published: October 7, 2019
Publisher: The Moontongue (
Language: English
The following ISBNs are associated with this title:
ISBN - 10: 1393170544
ISBN - 13: 9781393170549

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all rights reserved


Track Name: Insert Ghost To Start
(Sing them in your mind)

I feel you breathing under my skin
Crawling, licking, eating into me
Then I have this impossible dream
In which you’re mine
You beg for me to stop
And put on a smile
Let me be caterpillars and butterflies
To crawl over, to swarm through
Each corner of you
Headaches and red eyes
To get over, to skim-through
Every thought of you